Please read our frequently asked questions below.

How and when will I receive my ticket?

Tickets are emailed to you as soon as you book via our website.

Are children allowed?

Yes, children are very welcome as long as they are the correct age for the movie’s restriction.

Can I bring my own food and drink?

We ask you to not bring your own food and drink to our events. Snacks and non alcoholic drinks will be available to purchase. Check our menu.

Is there anything else I need to bring?

We suggest you bring pillows and blankets to keep warm and cozy in your car. And a good mood of course!

Do you give refunds?

No, only if the event is canceled.

What will happened on arrival?

On arrival we will check your car plates and against our guest list. Then you will be directed to you parking space. Space between cars are no less than 2 meters to allow for social distancing.

Can I reserve a car space in advance?

We cannot reserve a car space in advance. To guarantee the viewing best spot to watch our movies we recommend you buy a Golden Lane Ticket.

What if I arrive late?

Latest entry to the screening is 5 minutes before the movie starts. If you arrive after this time we will not be able to allow entry and your ticket will not be refunded. You can start arriving 60/90 minutes before the screening so please arrive with plenty of time to get parked.

Can I buy a ticket on the spot?

Yes! You may buy your ticket on site as well. We accept contactless payment only.

How do you clean your sound speakers after each screening?

All speakers will be sanitized and clean after each screening with 80% alcohol cleaning gel.

Are there restrictions on the size of my car?

To keep the Drive-In safe and fun for everyone, we cannot permit bicycles, motorcycles or scooters, vehicles without a roof, buses and minibuses, caravans, long wheel base vans.

Do you take cash?

Unfortunately not. Due to the current social distancing measures in place, for health reasons we ask that you only make contactless card payments for food or drink.

Do I need to print my ticket?

No, we only need to check your car registration plate on our guest list

Do you serve food and drink?

Yes, we serve food and non alcoholic drinks. Check our menu on the website.

Is smoking/vaping permitted?

Smoking/Vaping outside is not permitted and it is not recommended to smoke whilst in your vehicle for health and safety reasons.

Is there anything else I need to bring?

We suggest you bring pillows and blankets to keep warm and cozy in your car. And a good mood of course!

Can I sit outside my car?

Unfortunately, customers need to remain in their cars during the screening due to Government guidelines on social distancing at drive-in cinema events, the only exception is to use the toilet. Remember to keep a socially distanced at all times!

What is a different between a Standard Car Ticket and upgraded car park (Golden Lane)?

Upgraded car park (Golden Lane Tickets) offer the best views of the screen at our Drive-In Theatre. Usually it is about 40-50 places in the first four rows

How do I hear a movie?

Each vehicle will get a wireless personal sound speaker which is already set up. You don’t need to have your own radio.

What if the weather is bad on the day of the screening?

If the weather prevents a screening, you will be notified by text and email. You will be able to book a new ticket or get a refund.

Can I open a window in my vehicle during the event?

In the interest of your safety, please only open your car window on the right hand side of the car when needed.

How many people are allowed to be in my vehicle?

All tickets are standard entry for 1 car with up to 5 passenger. 

Can I use my mobile/camera during the screening?

Recording of the movie is not permitted. If you are seen recording staff will ask you to delete all footage immediately and may confiscate the device. Your device will be returned to you at the end of the screening.

Are there any toilets?

Yes, we will have toilets on site, with 2 meter markings clearly shown so that people can queue appropriately. A maximum of 2 people from your vehicle can visit the toilets at one time.